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Digestive Enzymes & Healthy Living

Digestive Enzymes & Healthy Living

If you want to have good digestive health then Digestive enzymes are important for the support of a healthy living style. 

How Digestive Enzymes Support Healthy Living

Digestive enzymes are important for the support of a healthy living style. If you want to have good digestive health, taking digestive supplements can be an effective addition to yourdaily routine. In order for you to determine if you need to add an enzyme supplement to your diet, it is important you understand what digestive enzymes are and how they affect your body.

What are digestive enzymes, and what makes them so important?

Your digestive system breaks down the food you eat into nutrients that can then be absorbed by your body. The body gets amino acids from the proteins you consume. You get fatty acids and cholesterol from fats that you eat. Simple sugars are made from the carbohydrates you take in. Other vitamins and minerals are also absorbed as food is broken down in our digestive systems.

Digestive enzymes are mainly produced in the small intestines and the pancreas. They help our bodies break down the food we eat into the nutrients so they can be absorbed by our bodies. When there is a deficiency of digestive enzymes in our systems, we cannot break down our food efficiently and we do not get all the nutrients we need. Even if you have a healthy diet, you cannot get the maximum benefit from your food if you do not have an adequate supply of digestive enzymes in your body.

Why would you need an enzyme supplement?

There are many reasons why the enzymes in our bodies may cease to work effectively. Disease can cause an enzyme deficiency. Deficiencies can also be caused by things such as low-grade digestive track inflammation, low stomach acid, aging or even chronic stress. Stress is the most common reason for low digestive enzyme production. Most of the time, stress cannot be avoided so a good digestive enzymes supplement may be beneficial to your body.

There are some signs you can look out for to tell you if you need to add a supplement to your diet. One sign is suffering from gas and bloating following meals. You may feel full, even if you have eaten very little food. You may get a feeling like your food is simply sitting like a rock in your stomach after eating. These are all signs that your digestive system may not be functioning properly.

Examining your bowel stools can also give you an indication that your digestive track is not working right. You may notice that your stool floats. This can be a sign something is not working properly in your digestive track. Another indicator is undigested fat that floats on the top of the toilet bowl like an “oil slick” after you have eaten. Paying attention to your stools daily can help you notice when you have a problem in your digestive track. If you notice a problem, you may want to consider adding a supplement to your diet to see if your condition improves. If you are not sure what is causing the imbalance, a multiple enzyme is a good option to try.

Multiple enzymes should contain proteases to help your body process and break down proteins. Lipases to help you break down fats and amylases to help you break down the carbohydrates you eat. Your multiple enzyme supplements should contain all these components to provide you with the maximum health benefits possible.

How should you take digestive enzyme supplements?

If you are taking an enzyme supplement, it should be taken with your meals. Taking 1 or 2 capsules up to 30 minutes before you eat provides the maximum benefit possible. You should take your supplement before all big meals, but do not need them before each snack you have. The best way to determine if the supplement is working, or determine if you need to increase your supplement, is to see if your symptoms improve. You should notice that your stools look more normal, you are no longer bloated or suffering from gas and your stomach does not feel like you have a rock sitting in it after your meal. If you have tried a supplement and your symptoms do not improve, you can increase your dose of supplement to see if it helps. Once you have found the correct dose for your body you should find that you feel much better after your meals.

What is a good supplement to take?

When selecting a good enzyme supplement, you want to select a product from a reputable company. One of the most complete digestive enzymes supplements on the market today is Digestive Matrix from It contains over 18 different enzymes to help you ensure proper digestion, regardless of what you are eating. All the products in the capsules are GMO free.

Digestive Matrix offers many digestive benefits.

Alpha Galactosidase will help your body break down and digest things such as legumes, beans and vegetables.

Beta Glucanase and Xylanase are useful for braking down fibers and grains.

Cellulase is effective for breaking down plant walls and fiber to help you get the most from the vegetables you eat.

Amylase, Glucosamylase, Hemicellulase and Malt Diastase are effective for aiding in the digestion of carbohydrates.

Papain, Bromelain and Protease all work together to break down the protein in your diet.

Invertase helps you digest sucrose.

Lactase is effective for helping you digest milk sugars and other compounds found in dairy products.

Lipase helps you digest fats.

Pectinase is effective for breaking down the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

Phytase is good for helping you digest the phytic acid that is found in nuts and grains.

Digestive matrix is sure to help you no matter what enzyme deficiency you may be experiencing. It will aid digestion and help you feel better and get more nutrition from your food. Pro1nutrition provides quality supplements for reasonable prices and they are a name you can trust for all your supplement needs. They are focused on customer service and your orders always ship within 48 hours. Give them a try today. 

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