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    ProOne Nutrition Green Tea Extract Supplement with EGCG for Weight Loss - Antioxidant Blend for Healthy Heart Metabolism and Beauty - Formula for Improved Focus and Energy with 60 500 mg Capsules

    ProOne Nutrition’s versatile Green Tea Extract is loaded with ECGC, Polyphenol Catechins and antioxidants to support healthy weight loss, improve metabolism, energy levels and an overall health lifestyle
    • NATURAL GREEN TEA FORMULA: ProOne Nutrition’s Green Tea Extract is formulated with ECGC and Polyphenol Catechins to support weight loss, healthy metabolism, energy levels and heart health
    • WEIGHT LOSS BOOSTER: In combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle, Green Tea has been used for centuries to effectively promote healthy weight loss, burn fat and improve thermogenic metabolism 

    • ENERGY FOR AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: With naturally occurring caffeine and improved nutrient metabolism, you can look forward to a gentle energy boost and that carries throughout the day. This increase in energy can also assist in improving mood, focus and alertness
    • IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: Every year cold and flu seasons hit a little heard, amplify your immune system with powerful antioxidants. While the antioxidants maximize immune system function, they also fight free radicals and support healthy cell production

    • PROMOTES OVERALL HEALTH: From healthy cardiovascular function to improved skin elasticity, this multi-talented supplement is ready to support you inside and out. While the gentle caffeine improves cognitive function and metabolism, the antioxidants can improve hair and skin health.

    Embrace A Happier and Healthier Lifestyle with ProOne Nutrition

    • ProOne Nutriton’s Green Tea Extract contains a unique blend of ECGC, Polyphenols and natural caffeine designed to assist in weight loss, provide a gentle boost of energy and improve skin health. The antioxidant blend has also been shown to enhance your overall well-being by improving the immune system, mental clarity and cardiovascular health.

    How Does Green Tea Extract Work?

    • For centuries, Asian cultures have utilized Green Tea’s unique properties and slimming benefits to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. With powerful antioxidant properties, gentle energy and natural fat-burning nutrients; this sensational supplement plays a key role for any healthy active lifestyle.

      While the fat-burning properties support weight loss and body weight management, the multi-functional formula gives you the boost of energy and mental clarity needed to succeed. Through extensive research and specific formulation, ProOne Nutrition has created a Green Tea Extract for men and women of all ages to enjoy the ultimate in heart, immune, energy and weight support supplements.

    This Proprietary Green Tea Extract Blend Helps To

    • Boosts Metabolism and Acts As A Fat Burner
    • Promotes Weight Loss
    • Enhances Energy Levels
    • Provide Mental Clarity and Focus
    • Improves Cardiovascular Health
    • Fights Free Radicals with Powerful Antioxidants
    • Strengthens Immune System
    • Boost Healthy Cell Production and Skin Elasticity

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    Green Tea Extract

    Green Tea Extract